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Our first border collie came to us in 2011. His name is Bordersunshine Adamanda "Mandy". He was a lovely endless, friendly, playful puppy, enchanted from the first moment.

I was breeding Kuvasz at the time, but I needed a "little-sized dog" next to my little son in order to sweeten it into the dog world and after a long search I decided on the border collie breed. My son immediately fell in love ...
He arrived later, next to it our Kuvasz and "Mandy", a male border collie. This is Zorro. My son gave him that name because it reminded him of the dog’s mask, Zorro.
Zorro, just the caller's name, his pedigree name, Ragtime at Real Pearl. I delved into getting to know the border collie standard.
It became a big change compared to the Kuvasz, as it was enriched with new experiences by the color versions of the border collie, in addition to the white color of the Kuvasz.
The first litter was born in 2013, after screenings and breeding inspections. That's how it started ... 

...Cha-Cha-Cha at Real Pearl, arrived later  in 2013, a female puppy in blue merle color, then she became her little daughter, Wifi, the first - self-bred - Moonlight-Shepherd dog in our kennel who remained a family member ...




The Border Collie dog breed was developed to gather and herd sheep between hilly countryside between Scotland and England. He is known for his scanning gaze, which keeps an eye on the flock. He has inexhaustible energy, perseverance, and work ethic, which makes him the number one herding dog; used today for herding sheep on farms and homesteads worldwide.
It can be trained in an extraordinary way and performs smart Border Collie is also excellent in a variety of dog sports. These include obedience, flyball, speed, tracking, and dog frisbee.

Intelligent and energetic, this breed of dog is happy to learn and work for its owners. If you’re a careful owner who can devote enough attention and responsibility to the Border Collie, this breed will fit your home well.














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Paired with two black and white self-bred border collies on 26.12.2020 


Heorby Of Moonlight-Shepherd 


Euphoria Of Moonlight-Shepherd


The expected birth of the puppies 


The Moonlight-Shepherd "Q" litter became one year old on February 22, 2021



My own (extra) brown and white bitch was paired with the tricolor Czech import male on February 16, 2021

Many Honey of Moonlight-Shepherd
Visible Heart Deam of Joy


















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