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Many Honey of Moonlight-Shepherd


Female Border collie Chocolate & White

Coffee Boy of Moonlight-Shepherd
Border collie dog "Coffee Boy"

HD:A, ED:0, OCD free 

CEA carrier


Ragtime at Real Pearl

JCh Firstclass at Real Pearl
JCh Borderguard Itaka "Lora"

Cha-Cha-Cha at Real Pearl
Border collie bitch black & white

HD:B,ED-0, OCD free 

Normal by parentage

Grand Ch Sportinfield Bewitched O' Heronwood













Parent pic

Born: 03 apryl 2019

CEA - N/N  tested
GG - N/N  tested

CLA, TNS Normal by parentage



Chokolate (B),  Golden Red (E)
& Tricolour factored


Border collie bitch chocolate & white 


 chocolate & white female border collie













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